$1500 Sandwich from Scratch Made In Six Months!

  • Do It Yourself, Food

You’re definitely asking yourself what is in this sandwich. How to make a $1500 Sandwich from Scratch? This sounds like the plan of a mad man. How to Make Everything is here to show the process of how to make every single component of a Sandwich, From the bread, to the honey, the pickling of actual pickles and the acquiring of a real chicken. All in All, the entire process cost $1500 but you have to take into account he Flew to the ocean so he could acquire Ocean water to make salt, being stopped at airport security along the way. He had to Organically grow a garden, being the main wait of the Six months, To Get the Tomato’s, Onions and Pickles and then he had to pickle them and wait for THAT to finish. He made the bread from scratch by milking a cow and then he got a chicken and even killed it himself. After it’s all complete and the fruits of his labor is complete he even tells you that the finished product is “Okay”