2 Pound Hammer Cuts 26,000 Pound Granite Stone IN HALF!

  • Construction

This is Dennis Carter, Owner and founder of the Deer Isle Hostel in Maine. Before you ask, No, This is not the hammer of Thor, Mjölnir. He’s a Jack of all trades, and you can see here as a 2 Pound Hammer Cuts 26,000 Pound Block of Granite in half. You would think giant machines would be necessary, But Dennis is going a different route. Drilling several small holes down the middle, he puts giant nails in and hammers them, creating tiny cracks in-between. Instead of doing it super fast, he waits a small amount of time so the cracks don’t become misshapen, and the crystals in the middle become attracted to eachother, making the cut smoother and more clean. In the end, the crack is so clean you would think a giant razor split it down the middle.