Dude Eats Too Many McRibs At Once

  • Food

For Some reason beyond me,¬†LtMkilla¬†thought it would be cool, downright dashing, if he showed his Girlfriend that he could eat too many McRibs at once. He starts by professing his love for the box, which he noticed is the same after all these years, good eye Lieutenant. He eats an Entire McRib, but that’s not enough, the big reveal is when you see that he has 10 more ready to go. His girlfriend could not be more attracted to him right now, and if eating all 10 wasn’t enough, he is going to stack them all on top of each other and eat 10 AT ONCE. Better slow down sparky, you can only take so much at once. You better get your girlfriend to the bedroom ASAP, she can’t wait much longer.