Grass Bridge Is Torn Down And Rebuilt Every Year

  • Construction, Do It Yourself

The Bridge at Q’eswachaka is a real feat of engineering that has been here since the Time of the Incas. This grass bridge is rebuilt every year in just 3 days across the Apurimac River Canyon In Peru, In some spots being twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. The grass bridge is made by whole villages using grass called Q’oya, the women braid it together and dozens of men at once stand on either edge and pull until it is stretched out enough. What do they do with the old bridge? It’s a POS and they just cut it down and let it float down the river. Dozens of people can be on this bridge at once, it’s so intricately woven that it has never fallen using these techniques since the time of the Inca’s. Now that’s a bridge I would like to cross