Guy Finds Cockroaches In Wii

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IhateUallman┬áhas literally the best Channel name i’ve ever seen. He bought a Wii console on the internet for $69 under the impression it would not load disks. A strange error, and if you can fix it, that’s almost a free Wii (It must be said at the time of this video Wii’s cost about $250, Now getting one for $69 is ripping YOU off) When he got it in the mail he found out what the problem was and pretty quickly found out how to fix it. The reason disks weren’t loading is because it was FILLED with roaches. They cake up the entire entry way so it’s not that the system wouldn’t load the disks and allow them to enter, It was because the roaches had claimed this for their home and didn’t want giant disks taking up all the space.