How To Scramble An Egg Inside The Shell

  • Do It Yourself

So YouTube user NightHawkInLight has figured out a really easy and fast way to scramble eggs inside of their shell. Here is what user NightHawkInLight had to say:

“The scrambling device I use is an 8″ long section of 2″ diameter PVC pipe. The rope is thin nylon (you want to be sure it’s strong enough not to break on you!) and the handle is a short (~4″) section of 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe. I find this method works much more quickly and reliably than the method shown in my first video, and bonus: it can take on 3 eggs at once!”

This is a great trick for when Easter rolls around, or if you just want to eat boiled scrambled eggs instead of just egg-whites and the yucky center yolk no-one likes. (If you like this, your gas is probably horrific)