How to Turn $5 Machete into 2 Knives

  • Do It Yourself

Nick from BackyardBower is usually all about the Archery videos. But this is something a little different you might want to hang onto and watch as this guy turns a cheap machete from harbor freight into two awesome knives. The Machete is from Harbor Freight and runs about $5, but this video is gonna show you how to make two knives, one 4-inch and one 8-inch with a little elbow grease. Nick start by taking off the handle, so the machete is bare, and tracing the outline for the 2 small knives on it. You then drill holes in the tang so the handles you make will stay in place better. Then it’s time to grind. Using a small belt sander he removes the access steel from the outside of the outlines, keeping water at the ready, as the knife gets hot and you have to dunk it every now and then like a Blacksmith. After the shape is cut out, You glue the handles, let them sit and you turned a cheap blade into 2 worthy daggers you made yourself. Doesn’t that make you feel good?