Dude Gets Sucked Up In Tornado After Being Terrible Driver

You Wanna Talk Crazy? I was just driving home the other day for Bennigans. Not a great meal, mind you, but I was ready to get home and watch the new episode of Burn Notice I had recorded when It started to rain pretty hard. I stepped on the gas a little bit but then I realized this was no light shower, This was a Tornado. I had to get home like yesterday, if my DVR gets sucked up, thats the whole 4th season of Burn Notice, Just GONE.  I was driving when some Bozo decided to cut me off, I let him, because of how urgent the situation at hand had become. When This dude is Instantly Sucked up in Tornado, I start to freak a little bit, I’m obviously gonna be next, I’m right behind him. Thankfully the storm ends after and I can go Finish My Show.