How To Make Charcoal

  • Do It Yourself

Primitive Technology┬áis a real MAN’S man. He lives out in the wilderness, doing most everything with a few tools and whatever his surroundings supply him with. He’s showing you how to do something really awesome today, and it’s pretty smoking. He’s Showing us all how to Make Charcoal. It’s pretty easy actually, if you don’t mind getting your hands super filthy. You have to get some THICK sticks to start with, Putting one completely in the dirt, burying it a little bit. and then you have to make an effort to surround every bit of that piece of wood with equally large pieces, eventually covering the entire mass in Mud and dirt, leaving a vent at the top. This is where you will light the fire and what is left over when the smoke is clear is good, Organic Charcoal.