Skinned Watermelon Is A Great Party Trick

  • Do It Yourself, Food

Remember the Video Of the hollowed out watermelon smoothie? Yeah, We do too, because it was awesome and fun for everybody at the picnic. Mark Rober has done it again and this time, He’s here to take the WHOLE melon. A Skinned Watermelon is a fun trick, But how do you do it? Start with 2 similar in size melons, and with one, Make shallow staright cuts that remove the skin from the surface so there isn’t any green left. Then you want to get precise and get all the tiny little parts off so it looks like a big red pill. You want this baby to be smooth as possible so get some Scotch-Brite Dish Scrubbers and smooth out the sides. Then hollow out a cut in-half watermelon and stick it inside and everyone is gonna look at you like some summertime wizard of fun. Better to do this with a seedless Watermelon.