Taser Gun Shooting In Slow-Motion at 25,000 Frames Per Second

  • Extreme, Guns

The Slo-Mo Guys¬†always seem to amaze me. Whatever they have planned may not sound cool at first, but watching it replayed in Up to 25,000 Frames Per second is something else, While we usually watch things in 24-30 Frames per second. Today they are shooting a Taser Gun at Bare flesh to watch what exactly it does in every millisecond after release. It’s a Fun Fact that there is confetti released along with the prongs that are marked with the serial number of the gun so they can better determine who shot the target, that’s pretty rad. It’s very interesting to see what actually comes out of the Taser gun, Prongs that look almost like Guitar cords shoot out and administer the shock.