What Caliber Bullet Will Shoot A Lock Open?

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Demolition Ranch┬áis gonna show you how to look like a real badass like in the movies. Here They’re testing what Caliber of Bullet will Shoot A lock Open. Starting from a .22 and working up to the big dogs. The .22 barely made a dent, it made some bumps in the exterior but not enough to make it open, while a 9mm busted a few tabs on the lock, but didn’t quite open it either. Moving up quickly to a .556 out of a 16-inch barrel, it busts almost through the entire lock but didn’t budge the top to open it. The 44 Magnum out of a 20-inch barrel is sure to open it wide, but is only enough to have the bullet squeeze through and almost come out on the other side. A 1 ounce slug out of the 12 gauge shotgun is your best bet. It will take 2 or 3 shots but that will get you through that door and you can take the bad guy down for sure.