Whats On A 1000 dollar pizza?

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CNN Money did an interesting insight in the differences in Pizza prices in New York City, the two restaurants in question being The Villa Cafe and Nino’s Bellissama. Villa Cafe specializes in a 99 Cent slice of pizza while Nino’s is selling a 1000 Dollar Pizza. Quite a price jump, right? The Villa Cafe loves the idea of having a cheap slice of pizza you can get for just a buck so you can be full and save a few dollars. The Slice cost the restaurant about 60 Cents to make and they’re happy to do it. Nino’s on the other hand spends way under the asking price of their pizza because of the quality ingredients it uses, Crème fraîche, Chives, Wasabi and Caviar. Not Your average pizza toppings, and it probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that they sell about 1-2 a week. Still, that’s $2000 for a pizza that costs just a percent of that. Would you be willing to try that?