Why Keyless Cars Suck!

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Just so you know all the downfalls, Scotty Kilmer Wants To Make Sure You Understand The Downfalls And Traps You Put Yourself In When You Put Your Faith In Keyless Cars Ignition. If There is anyone you can trust with something like this, It’s a Mechanic who’s been working on cars for the last 47 years. And that’s exactly what Scotty Kilmer does, plus he owns a sweet ass Stingray. The Main argument of the matter is the fact that If they key fob┬ádies, the process of obtaining a new one is just too much to deal with. You are at the whim of the dealerships and how fast it takes them to do it. Sure you can get a machine that reprograms them, But the codes you need to sync the fob with the car can only be obtained by the dealership you bought it from, or a professional Blacksmith, It saves you the time of putting the key in the ignition, But you run the risk of having a very stressful day sometime down the line.